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JavaScript String:

String is a basic data type of JavaScript that holds the character array. A collection of character is called string. For example, lets “JavaScript is a programming language” be a string. Let store the above string in a variable named firstString. Therefore,


Returns the first appearance of a string in another string.


array.concat() method is used to merge two or more arrays and converting a single array without changing the existing arrays. Existing arrays remain the same and return a new array.


JavaScript Support BigInt that can store incredibly large number. Operators like +,-,*,/ ,% can be also used with BigInt. A BigInt is not strictly equal to a Number, but it is loosely so.

JavaScript Math:

Math is built in function that let you do the mathematics in a easier way. You have lots of built in math functions there where you can just put your value and get the output..

Math.abs(x) // returns the absolute value of x

if you put and string in abs function you will get that it is not a number that in NaN


returns the maximum value of the array

Math.pow(x,y) // return x^y

JavaScript supports two types of Number.

  1. Integer
  2. Floating

There are also ceil and floor method

Math.ceil(3/2) // returns 2

precise to the nest integer Number

Math.floor(3/2) //returns 1

precise to the previous int Number

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